Menzies College

Two For The Price Of One

Two For The Price Of One

Do you type when word processing with two fingers or are you a hunt for the key and peck at
the found key style typist? Have you ever wished that you could word process faster or word
process without having to constantly look at the keyboard? Well this might be the Menzies
Activities Days’ option for you to think about, learning to touch type.

The Why And What

There are many benefits of being a touch typist:

 an increase in the number of words per minute you type
 an improvement in your accuracy
 saving time
 a reduction in mental and physical fatigue
 an improvement in your health
 a greater chance of employability
 an improvement in your focus at the keyboard
 an opportunity to edit your work as you type


But wait there is more. It is proposed that the touch typing option be offered alongside an
opportunity to get a head start in the annual Summer Reading Programme promoted by the
libraries in Southland. Or you might only want to pursue this option. Imagine what bliss it would
be to be at school but to be able to sit out in the sun under a tree lost in the world of a book.


This programme usually offers excellent incentives to read and I am sure this year will be no


Lastly it is envisaged that the activity or activities will be broken up with some physical activities of the
groups choice.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mrs Barbara Williams

Number Requirements

Minimum 6 studnets, maximum 12 students.

Total Cost

There will be no or very little cost associated with this activity.