Menzies College

Twizel Salmon Fishing Trip

Salmon Fishing

Once again in 2019 we will be organising a fishing trip up into the McKenzie Country during the Menzies Activity Days to fish for stupidly big fish on the Twizel canals. This is an amazing trip for both students and staff in a beautiful part of the country. The Twizel Canals are filled with big juicey salmon just waiting to be caught, cooked and yes, EATEN! 

                   IMG_0441Big Fish

When, Where and What

We will be leaving on Sunday 1 December and returning to school on Wednesday 4 December.  We will be staying at the Lake Ruataniwha camping ground whilst there. We plan on doing ALOT of fishing but we will also visit the local salmon farm and power station. 

Planning And Preparation

In the build up we will need to organize our gear such as tents and rods, which can be borrowed from the school,  as well as the menu. We will also go over the plan for the week, health and safety, some basic fishing training and answer any questions you may have.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mr Matt Cook, Mrs Sarah White and Mr David Lewis.

Number Requirements

Minimum 10 Students, maximum 16 students.

Total Cost

Approximatly $165 per student.