Menzies College

Surfing The Waves

Surfing The Waves

We will travel to Riverton each day for surf lessons at the beach from a local instructor.  We plan on splitting into two groups to be able to manage numbers and time. While the first group is in the water learning to surf, the second group will be playing beach games. The lessons run for about 1.5 hours each so you will have a great opportunity to learn some awesome skills.

Planning And Preparation

We will need to insure that safety is a top priority and that everyone feels comfortable in the water. We will also go over the plan and organize any gear and travel arrangements we may require.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mrs Kath Luoni and Mr Jonny Brown.

Number Requirements

Minimum 10 students, maximum 15 students.

Total Cost

$130 total. This includes all equipment hire, lessons and transport needed for the week.