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Menzies College Football

Menzies College offers Football for students from Year 7 to 13, boys and girls.

This year we will be running the following teams  teams in the Southland College Leagues and Tournaments we are looking at attending.

Menzies 1st XI “Boys Team (Boys League)

Menzies Boys 1st XI Southern Cross Cup Team

Menzies Girls 1st XI National Tournament Team

Walker Mowers Menzies 1st XI Girls Team (Girls League; Division One)

MLT Menzies 2nd XI Girls Team (Girls League; Division Two)

Games are played mid-week on Wednesdays starting at this stage during the second week of term 2. Teams will be required to travel to games or host teams at Menzies College. Also teams will also have tournaments to take part in during the season.

Girls Teams will attend the following competitions during the season;

  • Southland College Football League (Both Teams)
  • Country Schools 7-a-side Soccer Tournament (Mixed Boys & Girls teams)
  • Walker Mowers Three Rivers Soccer Tournament (Both Teams)
  • NZ Secondary Schools Football Tournament (1st XI only)

Boys  Team will attend the following competitions during the season;

  • Southland Football League
  • Country Schools 7-a-side Soccer Tournament (Mixed Boys & Girls Teams)
  • Southern Cross Cup Soccer Tournament 
  • NZ Secondary Schools Football Tournament (TBC)

Subs for the season

This year the subs for the season; TBC

NZ Code of Conduct

All players when they sign the EOTC form agree to follow the NZ Football code of conduct. To read this code of conduct click on the link below.

NZ Football Code of Conduct PDF - /files/3017_20160229151532-1456712132.pdf


FIFA +11 warm-up

Menzies College Soccer will be introducing and following the FIFA +11 programme for teams to bring it into line with NZ Football's standards for warm-ups for teams at any level. To read click on the link below.

FIFA +11 PDF - /files/3018_20160229151546-1456712146.pdf

EOTC Forms for Soccer for the season  - Download here;

Girls Soccer EOTC form -     /files/3473_2018020893722-1518035842.doc

Boys Soccer EOTC form -    /files/3472_2018020893717-1518035837.doc


Dates for the 2018 season

Upcoming Dates and games for the 2018 season*;

Term 4

Awards Night

MLT Summer Socca Competition Starts


Keep up to date with the Menzies College Soccer Facebook page;

*will be updated as the season progresses.

Southern Cross Cup Boys Football Tournament

SC round logo

Menzies College Football  established a Boys Football tournament called the Southern Cross Cup.

This was designed to give boys at smaller schools opportunity to play in a tournament situation.

So far it has been going for two years and continues to grow heading into this season tournament (2018).

Entries forms and closing dates for entries will be posted soon.

Southern Cross Cup Winners (Finals)

2016 Final - Menzies College  2 - 1 Northern Southland College

2017 Final - Menzies College 5 - 2 Fiordland College

2018 Final - Aurora College   6 - 5 Northern Southland College


2019 venue is; Northern Southland College (TBC)

Dates; TBC

Entries - email




Walker Mowers Three Rivers Cup Girls Football Tournament .

tournament logo 2016

Menzies College runs the Walker Mowers Three Rivers Cup Girls Football Tournament. This year will be its eight year the tournament has been running. This tournament is run with small schools and country school in mind. Numbers are limited.

The 2019 tournament will be held on the following dates;

Tournament  - Menzies College, Wyndham- Sunday 4th August to Monday 5th August (TBC)

Postponement Dates - TBC


Previous Finals;

2012 – Menzies College 1- 1* Central Southland College (*Menzies won 5-4 on pens)

2013 – Northern Southland College 2 – 0 Verdon College

2014 – Northern Southland College 1 – 1* Menzies College (*NSC won 2 – 1 on pens)

2015 – Menzies College  2 – 1 Central Southland College

2016 - Taieri College 2 - 1 Menzies College

2017 - Menzies College 4 - 0 Waiau Area School

2018 - Menzies College 3 - 1 James Hargest College



Forms are below and need to be accompanied by $50.00 entry fee.

Entries; Are due by - TBC

Entry form for tournament -  is available by emailing


Menzies College Soccer Skills Programme

Menzies College offer their very own Soccer Skills Programme.

Below is attached the overview and two-stage programme for students and parents.


Soccer Skills Programme Overview pdf -            /files/3011_20160226122354-1456442634.pdf

Soccer Skills stage 1 pdf link -                          /files/3012_20160226122359-1456442639.pdf

Soccer Skills stage 2 pdf link -                          /files/3013_20160226122402-1456442642.pdf

MLT Summer Socca

summer socca league 2016

MLT Summer Socca will be running term 3 & 4 again this year (2019). Entries closing date is yet to be confirmed.

Last year (2018) we had 21 teams take part in the Adults Social League and the Kids League.

Summer Socca is played on Monday nights and runs from 3.30pm to 8pm that night.


Kids League;

7 a side (mixed teams) 10 mins each way.

Adults League;

7 a side (mixed teams) 12 mins each way.


MLT Summer Socca Flyer 2018 -  to be posted

MLT Summer Socca Team Registration form 2018 -  email

2018 Results;

MLT Adults Social League;

Division One Final (MLT Cup) Fatty Delights 2 - 0  Lucky Strike

Division Two Final (Three Rivers Hotel Cup) SRB 6 - 0  Young Ones


MLT Kids League;

(Q-final) Wyndham Blues 2 - 0 Menzies Tuckers

Edendale Stormtroopers 2 - 0 Wyndham Blues 
Edendale Rebels 2 - 0 Tuturau Titians

3rd Place Play-off 
Wyndham Blues 6 - 5 Tuturau Titians
Edendale Stormtroopers 1 - 0 Edendale Rebels


3rd Place Play-off 
WTFC Strikers 1 - 4 Wyndham Geeks
Intermediate League Final 
The Elminators 3 - 0 WTFC Gunners


Menzies College Soccer Gear

Menzies College Soccer offer a range of playing gear and off field apparel to wear.

This includes playing shorts and socks and training and warm-up jackets.

Also we have off-field apparel to wear as well which includes polo shirts and hoddies which is available for players, parents and supporters to purchase.

MLT Menzies College 1st XI Girls players are required to wear Lotto Sportswear shorts and socks please check links below for the order forms and size and prices.

Playing and off-field apparel links;

Apparel Pictures and size and price list; /files/3391_20170619130636-1497834396.pdf

Apparel order form; /files/3390_20170619130632-1497834392.pdf

Lotto Sports wear apparel (Shorts and Socks) pictures sizes and prices; /files/3389_20170619130625-1497834385.pdf

Menzies College Soccer Awards 2017

Menzies College Soccer Players Awards Night - Awards for 2018;

Menzies College Soccer held their 3rd Annual Awards night and Dance. This event on the calendar is to recognise the overall contribution and efforts of our players. This night was a huge success. Thank you to our three team sponsors for the trophies and attending the night.

Menzies College Players Player’s of the Year Awards 2018 (Overall)

Girls 1st XI

Walker Mowers Most Valuable Player – Rhylee McGregor

Walker Mowers Most Improved Player – Maria Perriam

Walker Mowers Most Supportive Player – Leah Maxwell & Rhylee McGregor

Walker Mowers Top Goal Scorer – Rhylee McGregor

Girls 2nd XI

MLT Most Valuable Player – Aura Fuatavai-Grieve

MLT Mowers Most Improved Player – Hayley Porteous

MLT Mowers Most Supportive Player – Bree Bastiaansen

MLT Top Goal Scorer – Aura Fuatavai-Grieve

Boys 1st XI Boys

Wyndham Town FC - Most Valuable Player – Caeden McGregor

Wyndham Town FC - Most Improved Player – Luke Humphries

Wyndham Town FC - Most Supportive Player – Kieran Coyle

Wyndham Town FC - Top Goal Scorer – Caeden McGregor


Menzies College School Prize giving Awards 2017

Junior Player of the Year; Rhylee McGregor

Most Improved Junior Player; Taurus Harden

Senior Player of the Year; Summer Smith

Most Improved Senior;  Sarah Andrews

Most Dedicated Player; Tyla Adams

Boys Player of the Year; Campbell Heads

Boys Most Improved Player; Dylan Adams