Menzies College

Menzies Activity Days


The Menzies College Activity Days are being displayed and applied for online. Please visit the sub pages above for information on the activities that will be held both within school and out in the District. There will be plenty of information on each activity so take your time in choosing the right ones for you.

Many of the activities will have a student limit and also a cost attached so please read the information carefully and discuse it with your parents as well. There are three overnight activities that will require a single enrolement found on their respective pages and these are available to enroll for on the 29th of October.

Day activities are also available and these are to be chosen in groups of three.

On the 5th November at 9.00am a link to the application form will appear below. Please fill it out appropriately and also make sure you choose 3 activities you would like to do. Because of limited space within each activity you may not get your first or even second choice. We do run on a first in first served basis but please be aware that if you participated in the same activity last year you will be less likely to make the cut this year, as we like to give everyone a fair go at attending popular activities. 


Good luck and happy picking