Menzies College

Mavora Fishing Trip

Mavora Fishing Trip

We plan on taking up to 12-16 students to fish the Mavora Lakes for trout. While doing this the students will be learning various fishing techniques, fish preparation skills and also learn the importance of adhering to safety protocols while in the outdoors.


While the main activity of the trip will be fishing, we will also take the opportunity to have a bonfire do some swimming and maybe take in a short walk or two. Students will require camping equipment and supplies.


What Will We Be Doing

  • Spending time learning fishing techniques
  • Fishing various areas of the lakes
  • Camping at the Mavora top lake and camp activites
  • preperation and cooking your catch
  • Swimming in the lake

Days And Times

Dates: Leaving Sunday afternoon December 5th, returning Tuesday December 7th afternoon 2-3pm.


Cost: $100 per student TBC

Travel Arrangements

Transport:  Staff / Parent vehicles

Staff Members Running the Activity

Sarah White and David Lewis

Student Number Limits

Max of 10 students, and parent helpers (TBC)