Menzies College

MAD Smarts

MAD Smarts

The idea is centered around Team Building & Problem Solving but from quite a practical application - Using BP Technology Challenge, ABL and Gamification principles students will be involved in teams working together to come up with solutions and or the answers to practical problems.

Ultimately culminating in them getting locked in a room for an hour trying to solve puzzles at Escape Room in Invercargill. 

Planning and Preparation

In the build up we will be attempting some basic brainteasers, ABL games and trust activities to allow everyone to get to know one and other, build trust and confidence while working as a team. We will also go over the plan for the week and assign teams and groups.

Staff Running The Activity

Mr Mark Kerslake.

Number Requirements

Minimum students 6, Maximum students 12.

Total Cost

$40 per student.