Menzies College

Learning Support

Learning Support

A strength of the school is the guidance and support we have available to all students.  We believe that for students to give their best they need support from both family and school. There are many ways we can assist students in feeling safe and comfortable in school.

Learning for Life Programme

Students must have the opportunity to learn to their ability.  In order to achieve this there are some basic competencies required and our "Learning for Life" programme for Year 9 and 10 students is designed to make sure that students have developed personal qualities in order to manage themselves within the school and as senior learners taking on NCEA.  In conjunction with teachers, the deans and parents/cargivers, we monitor the progress of our students through these middle years to build the capacity that will assist learning and enable students to relate and participate in a mature manner.

Inclusive Learning

Menzies College is inclusive of all students and their needs.  We aim for maximum achievement through the most inclusive approaches possible and students with special learning needs are very well catered for and accepted by all students.  Where appropriate, students are mainstreamed into classes supported by a teacher's aide and in 2011 ERO comment that, "There are significant strengths in the school's programme to support and include students with high needs".  These include activities such as the modified Duke of Edinburgh programme, Special Olympics and Ribbon Days and the swimming programme in addition to comprehensive work on literacy and numeracy skill building.

Peer Support

The Peer Support programme is targeted at Year 7 students to help ease their entry into the school.  Small groups of Year 7 students work through a set of carefully planned activities with specially trained Year 13 leaders.  This mentoring of all new pupils provides considerable support for students shifting from smaller contributing schools or moving into the disctrict and beginning the next stage of their educational journey.

School Counsellor

A full time counsellor is available to help students who need independent, confidential support with issues that affect their opportunities to learn.  These issues might come from any source and the guidance advice and strategies provided generally serve to assist students in coping with difficult situations.

House and whanau groups

All students are placed into one of four Houses, the same as other family members.  The Houses are names after the native trees, Rata, Rimu, Matai and Totara and three whanau groups are formed from each.  These groups comprise a mixture of students from Year 7 to 13 who remain together for their entire time at the school and come to form special bonds with each other and the staff associated with each whanau.

Either for House or whanau, students will compete in sports, cultural and artistic events to gain points towards the annual House Trophy.  This is fiercely contested throughout the year and evidence of the tremendous spirit within the school.


We have staff available at each year level of the school to discuss learning progress and behaviour, with both parents/caregivers and with individual students.  Our dean's act as a link between the school, classtroom teachers and families to ensure communication is maintained for the mutual benefit of all.