Menzies College


International Students

International students are an important part of Menzies College.  The school has had a long tradition of hosting students from all parts of the world.  International students choose our school for a variety of reasons: to improve their English language skills, to experience a new country and its culture, to live in a rural setting normally on a farm and to attempt activities that are unique to New Zealand, such as our outdoor education programme.

The school offers care and support to all international students. They are met at the airport, introduced to their host family and helped to choose subjects and adjust to their new school and kiwi lifestyle.  Menzies College is a small school yet is able to offer a wide range of subjects and specialist teaching.  Students also have the benefits of living in an attractive and safe rural environment while being only 30 minutes from the larger towns of Invercargill and Gore.

All students are given a student friend to assist them in the early days while they find their way at school.  Staff will ensure a smooth and successful transition into Menzies College and the rural lifestyle in a very comforting manner.

The College is a signatory of the Code of Practice for the Care and Protection of International Students and have a fine reputation for making international students feel very comfortable within our environment.


Adventure Experience

Many international students enjoy the Adventure Experience Programme that the school offers. This involves learning the skills of the outdoors such as kayaking, hiking, snow caving, mountain biking, skiing or rafting. We have experienced staff and a great group of volunteers that enable students to learn all about, and enjoy, the outdoors in a safe but challenging manner. Visit our Outdoor Education Page or contact us for more information.