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Get Out And Get Active

Get Out And Get Active

We will look into visiting and having a go at some sports or activities available in Southland that many people don’t know about or often do not get a chance to have a go at. We will look into trying sports such as Boxing, Rowing, Pistol Shooting, Ice Hockey, Water Polo, Rock Climbing, BMX Riding or Cycling at the Velodrome. We can be flexible in which sports we choose to have a go at if students really want to try something we can see if we can fit it in, the entire idea is to try something new and exciting.

Planning And Preparation

Planning time, fitness sessions, health and safety, Q & A sessions and maybe have a go at some sports such as fly fishing or boxing.

Outline of MAD Week


  • Safety and debrief

Leave for Invercargill

  • Boxing
  • Rock climbing

Lunch at the stadium

  • Velodrome

Back to school before buses


Leave for Gore

  • Ice skating lesson
  • Ice hockey lesson and game

Lunch in Gore

  • Water Polo in Gore

Back to school before buses


Leave for Invercargill

  • Pistol Club
  • BMX biking

Back to school in time to work on presentation

Staff Members Running The Activity

Miss Hayley Chalmers plus one other staff member.

Number Requirements

Minimum 8 students, maximum 16 students.

Total Cost

$150 max (hopefully much lower once numbers and sports confirmed)

Interested? Apply Now Using The Google Form Below

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