Menzies College

Fly Fishing School

Fly Fishing School

Students will learn to cast a fly rod with tuition from local experts. They will also gain knowledge on what trout feed on, where to find fish and what flies to select to catch them!

We will be spending day one learning the basics here on site with a short seminar, followed by casting lessons on the field.

We will plan to head away for an overnight fishing trip on day two, get up early the next morning and get into our fishing competition! 

There will be awesome prizes up for grabs! 

Planning And Preparation

We will need to organize any transport and gear we will need for the days we will be out of the school grounds. You will be able to bring along your own rods and flies but you will need to have them named and be responsible for them. We will also go over the weeks plan and brainstorm ideas about the prizes and any other questions you may have.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mr Tim Landreth and Mr David Lewis.

Number Requirements

Minimum 10 students, Maximum 18 students.

Total Cost

Around $65 to cover any flies/transport/food for overnight camping.