Menzies College

Horse MAD

Equine Adventures

During Horse MAD we will explore various different aspects of the equestrian industry.It is not a requirement to own your own horse / pony, though this is helpful! The activities we do will dependent on final numbers and whether or not participants can bring their own ponies.

Plan For The Week


We will meet at Mrs. McKelvie’s home at approximately 9.30 am (ready to ride at 10am). The activities we complete will depend on the number of students who have their own horse / pony.

Potentially we could:

  • Invite a local instructor to provide a 30 minute lesson to each rider

  • Play some gymkhana games

  • Show jumping

  • Wash and groom / plait horses

  • Go for a farm hack

Our day will likely finish at about 3pm.

Students will need a packed lunch / plate for lunch.

Students who bring their own ponies will need to have a parent in attendance.

Equipment for students: approved (red tagged) riding helmet, jodphur or similar type riding boots, jodphurs / exercise tights and clothing suitable for weather conditions.

Equipment for ponies: Ponies will need their usual riding equipment plus a haynet.

Cost for Monday: If we have riding lessons = $30pp


We will meet at Menzies College at 9am.

From there we will journey into Invercargill.

It is likely that we will visit Vetsouth and tour their equine facilities (last year we watched a horse being operated on) and have  Q&A session on equine health with the vet and vet nurse.

From their we will have lunch and then move to Rakiura Rides for a beach / forest ride. 

Equipment for students: Jodphur / riding type boots, clothing to suit weather conditions, packed lunch.

Cost for Tuesday: Horse trek is likely to cost $75 - 80 pp. Students may also want to bring $5 for a hot chocolate / ice cream (depending on the weather!)



This day really does depend on the number of students, riding ability and number of ponies we have available.

In 2019 we completed a morning of Cowboy Challenge activities in Invercargill (on Western ponies).

In 2020 we might do this again - or we could:

  • Travel to Sandy Point for a hack 

  • Come back to Mrs McKelvie’s home for more arena riding and then farm hacking

  • Try to find another trekking venue and arrange to go for a trek

We will decide this when we know numbers and ability of riders.

Cost for Wednesday: Unknown as yet

Planning And Preparation

We will need to arrange transport and gear needed for our activities and sort out who has and who needs access to a pony. We will also need to go over the activity plan and answer any questions as well as any health and safety concerns you may have.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mrs Lucy McKelvie

Number Requirements

Minimum 3 students, maximum 5 students.

Total Cost

$120 per student

Changes may accure depending on the final Wednesday plan.