Menzies College



We are committed to improving the achievements of our students. Through structured learning programmes we allow for academic success and provide opportunities for students to acquire the skills needed to make a successful transition from school to our New Zealand society.


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Academic Learning

Year 7 and 8 Students

Year 7 and 8 students spend much of their learning time with the same home room teacher for the vital core educational building blocks of literacy and numeracy.  They have specialist teachers in various subjects for the remainder of their learning programme covering science, physical education, technology and art.  For the past few years we have had four combined Year 7/8 classes with approximately 22 students in each.  This has allowed for better ability grouping based on teaching and learning needs and the chance for the older students to develop in classroom leadership.  A literacy tutor has been appointed to assist students at this end of the school with their literacy needs both in a remedial manner and for extension purposes.  Other staff have created a science club and homework group to support student needs and interests.  In 2011 ERO commented that, "Students enjoy the benefit from the positive learning environment and contributing to this was teachers knowing and caring about students, their learning and their lives beyond school.  Teachers purposefully used a variety of teaching strategies to help make learning varied, interesting and enjoyable".

Year 9 and 10 Students

Our Year 9 and 10 students continue to have a broad education dividing their classroom time amongst the seven essential learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum.  An emphasis remains on the basics of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science and Physical Education/Health. Options in Maori, Technology and the Arts provide our Year 9 students with a foundation experience that can be built upon for a longer period in Year 10.

Year 11, 12 & 13 Students

In Years 11 to 13, students are encouraged to gain Merit or Excellence Endorsements in the National Certificate of Education Achievement at Levels 1 to 3 through an extensive range of subjects.  Time is spent with students to assist in their course design and we do our very best to ensure student needs are met to allow for success in their chosen pathway and the timetable is constructed based upon the best fit for our students.  At times we have combined year levels in small senior classes and other students completing a subject with an online learning provider.

Programmes for senior students targeting career education, workplace experience and tertiary education taster courses are available in addition to the regular school programme.

Each day the school has a 10 minute reading period, currently at the conclusion of period one where we all stop and have personal reading in silence.