Menzies College

Court, Field and Water Sports

Court, Field and Water Sports

A whole week dedicated to outdoor sport and the pursuit of victory of your opponents! What could be more fun? This activity will focus on organized sporting events from tennis, football and touch to water polo and swimming. We would like to run this activity as a small competition, between several teams of students, with prizes awarded not just to the victor but for honorable behaviour and teamwork. If you like having fun on the sports field and being part of a team then this activity is for you.

Planning And Preparation

We will need to get together and decide on what sports we will compete in and also how many games we will need to play. We will also need to organize our teams evenly and name a team captian, who will be chosen by their respected teammates. Lastly we will need to gather all the necessary equipment, go over the plan for the week, decide on whether or not to have a BBQ lunch on the last day and answer any questions you may have.

Staff Members Running The Activity

Mr Mark Kerslake, Mrs Kennedy, Miss Edgeton, Mrs Knapp, Mrs Robertson Mrs Lee and Mrs Dynes.

Number Requirements

Minimum 20 students, Maximim 30 students.

Total Cost

There is no cost for this activity but you will need to bring something for the shared lunch BBQ on the last day.