Welcome to Menzies College

Welcome to Menzies College

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Level 3 Lockdown Notice

Menzies College Reopening on Monday 18th May
We are very excited to welcome back all students and staff on Monday 18th May. Buses will be running as normal, with the addition of a record being kept of who is travelling each day. The Canteen will also be open as normal.
The day will start at 8.50am with a Whanau Time for everyone. During this time Mr Cook will visit each Whanau Class to collect Chromebooks that have been distributed. All students that have Chromebooks belonging to the school must have them available for return at Whanau Time. Staff will meet at school on Friday 15th May to plan for the following week when they will once again be teaching face to face. This brings to an end the current distance learning on mass. Teachers will make individual arrangements with their classes about distance learning on Friday 15th to free them up for the meeting.
There will be some changes to Year 7 – 9 Option timetables due to the disruption of Covid-19. All Year 7 – 9 Options from Term One will continue until May 29th. There will be two further rotations of Year 7 – 9 Options with the next rotation starting after Queens Birthday Weekend and the final rotation starting on August 31st. We will look to find alternative dates for events like camps and the ball where practical.
Schools are able to reopen as they are considered controlled environments based around our ability to maintain hygiene and contact tracing, therefore it is important that everyone understands and follows the requirements below:
Students feeling ill are asked to stay home, if they appear ill at school they will be asked to go home. The Lexia Room at the south end of the technology corridor will be used as the sick bay for anyone with flu like symptoms. Students are to go there while they wait to be picked up.
Cleaning and Hygiene is the focus for keeping safe. Keep washing, drying and sanitizing hands, cough and sneeze safely and clean high touch surfaces regularly. Each teacher will be issued with hand sanitizer, disinfectant and cloths to use in their classroom and with their students. Normal after school cleaning routines will be observed with an emphasis on ensuring all surfaces are disinfected. Water fountains will be out of use during Alert Level 2. Students will be encouraged to bring water bottles, these can be filled in the Foods Room during the first 5 minutes of interval and lunch time.
Physical distancing at school means staff and students maintain a physical distance so they are not breathing on or touching each other. Physical distancing may not be possible with some sporting activities, in these situations washing and drying hands and equipment before and after use must be done. Students will be allowed to bring their own sporting equipment to play with at interval and lunch times. A tub with disinfectant and a towel will be available near the Canteen to clean and dry personal sports equipment before and after use. The adventure playground area can be used.
Contact Tracing must be possible. All visitors to the school must sign in and out at the office, including contact details. This includes parents, couriers and others who pop into the administration area. Normal class rolls will be kept. All bus routes must have an accurate roll kept of who is travelling both in the morning and in the afternoon.
If you have any questions, please contact the school office on 2064979
Kath Luoni



Senior Options

Option choices for 2020 are now organized onto a Google Website for easy viewing anywhere anytime. Follow the link provided underneath or via the hotlinks list.


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Ministry of Education Health Warning

As you will have seen in the media the situation is rapidly evolving internationally concerning the coronavirus. For more information about the Coronavirus please click here.



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PB4L Achievement Slip Draw:


Congratulations to the following students and staff member for winning the achievement slip draws:


Macy Hill, Micah Karamaena, Teajin Karetai-Erihe, Chloe Laurie and Mrs Barbara Williams.


Your vouchers can be collected from the office.  It is good to see so many achievement slips coming in!


Well done all! Remember to keep showing respect and keep those achievement slips coming in.  



Menzies College Reporting 2019


To further refine the reporting system can you please take a few minutes to answer the following questions as part of our ongoing review of communications between home and school that focus on our student learning.


Please take some time to fill out the "Menzies College Reporting Form 2019" by clicking the link below.


Menzies College Reporting 2019



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